Saturday, 7 April 2012


If you are reading this blogpost then either I have contacted you through twitter or you have stumbled on it by accident.

If you have stumbled on it by accident then: Hello. And goodbye.

If you have come here because I linked to you then this means that I don't have an email for you or the one I do have has received no reply.

You are someone that I can call my acquaintance which means that I have at least met you once. And I would love to record a conversation with you for my podcast Getting Better Acquainted.

This is a show where I have hour long conversations with people I know about their lives, opinions and their areas of interest and knowledge. An acquaintance is anyone from my closest friends and family to someone who I met once at a party. The show is part interview show, part oral history project, part intimate portraits of people who aren't famous, part autobiography through conversation and all an engaging and entertaining experience!

I'd be great to get you on the show. I live in Leytonstone in London but can travel.

If you are interested in getting better acquainted with me then email GBApodcast[at]gmail[dot]com and we can chat about it.

If you don't recall meeting me that's okay because I recall meeting you!

Thanks for reading this!

Dave Pickering

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